Certain elements not being pushed to device correctly

I will choose a short text option, customize it, check that it looks good, and then push to device. Once there its off center, has added items like an icon I didn’t want there, and it ignored my font options. What am I doing wrong?

Could you please explain more? I don’t get your issue sorry.

I hope this thread would be helpful for your issue.

Hi @sinjae, is there anything new regarding multiple complication types merged into one complication spot feature?

Sorry to ask here, but it kind of ties into the link above.

Thanks for your reply!

Hi @amoledwatchfaces,
The requested feature does not seem to be related to this thread.
An exact feedback for the feature support is difficult, but the development team understands that the feature is necessary.
I always thank you for affectionate opinion. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply! You’re right, I misinterpreted it from the link description.

Anyway, thanks for continuous support!

You and WFS team are doing great job. Desperately waiting for new complication features :wink: