Not Getting what I design

This is what I want.

This is what I get on the watch.

What am I doing wrong??
TicWatch Pro 5 Wear OS 3.5

Did you try to test your design in the WFS preview window with Rectangle mode?
You can test with a rectangle-shaped watch model.

I have a 466x466 round watch.
Why would i test on a rectangle?

Oh sorry but the image you have shared is rectangular shaped. The 2nd image. I thought it was a rectangular watch.
The complication layout is automatically selected as per the complication provider. That’s why you are facing this problem.
Please check this thread: Complication text font size too small when Run On Device - #7 by r.liechty_SDR, hope it will help you.
If you don’t understand or have any questions please share.
Thank you.

Humnnn, … that discussion may help.
What baffles be is that the bar size was severely reduced and changed for HR and nonexistent for the BO2.
I have seen both seperatly as large bars so i know it can be done.

If you have any sample project which you can share please share, I will try with my watch.

Hi, what complication type u using? Circle? Line? Or?

U may have 2 issues here…one is the one Boshra (scaling ?)mentioned

The other is the auto layout selection…to force to want u want is to do as explain in my topic

He is using Line specifically Large Box Complication as per his 1st image, if I am not wrong.

Hi, seem the watch selected a layout that for first complication (text, progess bar)

2nd complication (icon/image and text)

So he need to force it to select to (icon, progress bar only)

Or modified each and every layout. Then try again. See if it help .

My guide explains it all as best and clear as possible.

Yes, large box with progress bar.

I have identified the WFS file. What is the best share method?

To be clear here. Not looking to pick people’s brains and then publish a face for money.
I am a 74 year old cat lady with old people eyes and some lung and heart issues trying to make an easy to see at night without my glasses watchface for wearing while sleeping.
Something that if i wake up feeling strange, i can quickly look and see if i need to take action.
I bet i have looked at over 1000 faces and not one was designed to be useful to someone with low vision.
I have found ony 7 that can have both HR and BO2 on the face at the same time. There may be more with editable complications, but they are all horribly cluttered and the font sizes for the HR & BO2 is small.
I found several that have HR as a high visibility bar and only one that has BO2 as a high visibility bar.
Nothing with HR AND BO2 in large text font or large bar.
So. I Decided to try and make my own.
Any assistance is appreciated.

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@davihealthticwatch Rename the .wfs to .zip , then upload it here.

[quote=“[GUIDE] How to change Font,size and color and select Layout, post:1, topic:28647”]
This guide explains complication slot editing
Ok, I think I had this figured out.
Every element got separate editing.
The only “stock” thing I accepted was “SYNC FONT TO DEVICE” for the TIME.

Wonder if I need to GROUP everything together when I am done.

Hope this is how to do this…
Test - (265.2 KB)

Unfortunately you can’t group complications and I don’t think any Blood Oxygen complication has numbers you have to tap it and open the app.

Samsung Developer Relations

I had found this sometime ago and that was what prompted me to start over and edit every element.

They both update without tapping since I have the watch set to do continuous BO2 during sleep and have the sleep timer set so it think I should be asleep all but the 1 hour between 11 am and noon.

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Hi, nice design by the way, fixed?

NO. Those are designs I am inspired by.