I have been working on WFS for a while and have forgotten everything I Knew about GWS / GWD .
I am building my Face and trying to run it on the watch . I have tried to get new certificates . Unfortunately I had to get a new Phone and Reset my watch to get it to connect to Galaxy Wearable.
Pleas Help again .

First off be sure you are using GWS v2.0.0 and not using GWS v2.0.1 which has a significant bug with AOD mode which fails to be remembered and doesn’t reload.

For GWS See FAQ 23

Basically for a new computer or a new Watch (or reset one) you need a new Distributor Certificate which I think you successfully did.

Check Certificate Error -12 is failed to acknowledge the RSA encryption key when you first run on device. The pop up doesn’t stay long and if you ignore it once it won’t pop up again. Without the encryption key it can’t decipher the distributor certificate and that times out giving the error message certificate expired.

Hold down the power key until it says rebooting
Be sure you have debugging on and Developer Options on in your watch settings
When you first attempt to run on device observe your watch immediately and very intentively
Accept the RSA encryption will pop up be sure to click yes and don’t ask again (although it won’t anyway)

You should be OK if that doesn’t work I have a couple sure ways to do this.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Hi Ron . Thanks so much . I think I missed the pop up on my watch . I am wondering how to get it back . Do I delete the previous Distribution Certificate . Sorry to ask all this again . I am getting on a bit perhaps I should be doing something more simple . I love my Tizen watch and would like to get it back to its former Glory .

I am trying to use 2.0.0_beta build 200403

Please remind me . Do I have to do all this despite the fact I have no intention to publish .

Many Thanks

All the Samsung developer tools like GWS are beta versions it is a Samsung thing.

You only need to generate the Author certificate once it should be perfectly good and unless you computers the distributor certificate will be OK.

If a simple rebooting doesn’t force the RSA encryption pop up let me know.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Hey Fantastic Ron Thank you so very much Indeed . The previous time I applied for a Fresh Distribution Certificate I did not see the CAPATCHA . So it is all working now so I can get my Efforts back on my Tizen . As You May Imagine I was so delighted with my First Faces on GWS .
I thank you as always for your Professional and supportive response .