What is the Error Here

Hey Guys,
I keep getting this error. I reset both certificates, and then restarted the program. I’m using GWS 2.0.1
and same error in GWS 2.0.0.

Oh. Is there a way for me to us WFS with my SM-R800?

I am assuming that you have enabled developer options and turned debugging on and were able to create a distributor certificate since you got this error.

When you sideload (run on device) to your watch for the first time you need to accept the RSA Encryption key if you don’t then it will time out and you get the check certificate -12 error. Since you seem to be able to connect to the device try this
Hold down the power button for about 15 seconds until it says rebooting.
Restart (not just turn off and on) your computer as well to clear any caches

When you go to run on device again have a preinstalled watch face as the active watch face. and watch it very closely so you can accept the RSA Encryption key.

If you’ve been able to run on the watch before and had a recent upgrade or paired to a different mobile or are using a different computer you also need to create a new Distributor Certificate as well as the RSA Encryption key issue.

Samsung Developer Relations