Chance of rain

Is it possible to add chance of rain in WFS to watch face ?

OK so figuerd it out that you need to add Range Value for chance of rain, but now when i use Curved-Text it wont show %, instead of 2% it shows 2…, same with battery life

I have shared this bug with respective team. I will let you know the update after getting their feedback.
Thank you.

How can I express the probability of rain on my watch face?
Samsung’s basic clock displays a rain probability icon in the complication part, but you can’t see the complication icon from the face you designed yourself.
Is there a way? Thank you.

Can I add chance of rain as default provider for the ranged value complication? I have only Empty and Watch Battery to choose.

Thank you for sharing this bug. Respective team has resolved this issue and the fix will be released in the next version of WFS.