Samsung Weather Chance Of Rain Complication Request

I realize that this may not be the best place to ask this, but I really so not know where else to post this.

Is it possible to ask the Samsung Weather Team to also add a Chance of Rain complication to the SHORT_TEXT type?

The reason I ask this is because, many times, watchface makers have to make a choice in leaving out the Range_Typed Complication because very few apps use it and there are many users that request it, but it’s incompatible with the SHORT_TEXT type.

Complications are changing in the newest Wear OS version and the next Watch Face Studio Release will support that newer version. I don’t know if we can suggest this now. I know it is important to Runners and Walkers to have an idea what is coming.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi Ron, do have some article about upcoming changes? (Wear OS)
I have not noticed anywhere that there will be any fundamental changes in how they work. It is quite important for apps like Complications Suite or Phone Battery Complication.

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Thank you!

Question. i”m using the Phone Battery complication and just create a simple watch face. Unfortunately when I try to add the complications, I’m not able to see all complications.
Do you have any Idea?

Watch face needs a complication slot of SHORT_TEXT, LONG_TEXT or RANGED_VALUE type. Can you send me some screenshot from WFS?

I’ll be happy to help

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Hey, thanks for your support. Just after changing the complication for SHORT_TEXT, I was able to add the Phone Battery.