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Hi all, relatively new to WFS but learning quickly (this forum has answered so many of my Qs along the way!). I am trying to use the chance of rain % figure only, I have added a long text complication (editable) to my face but when on my watch and choosing chance of rain in the customise menu, it shows the %, icon and bar. I have hidden elements in WFS and re-run but it still shows the whole lot not just the % figure, any ideas?

I also want this to drive a ‘progress bar’ as a % of 100, any pointers?


Hi @jsmith88 welcome to the forum , you need to removed all layout types. Or hide the elements of all layout types.

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Awesome thank you so much, I’m sure I will be on again soon for help with another idea!

The data for chance of rain is not available. I think the factory watch faces may have it because they are licensed by the Weather provider for that. However, they are not licensed to share this with other designers.

The ability to get access to weather data is very high on the most requested feature list.

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Thanks Ron, however i must have found a workaround.

I have used a large complication box, ranged value layout editable and then when on watch use customise to allocate chance of rain to it. Works fine, have even hidden icon and %figure and made the bar curved in WFS

I understand sounds like a great way to do it. I thought you wanted to make a “Progress bar” component

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For anyone looking for the solution, the elements will only hide if you use the layout that the complication has been designed for (so a bit of trial and error required).

Hi, you can mouse over the layout and a “x” will appear click it to disable the layout… just leave the one you think works for u and the complication is able to use. Then hide that layout.

Alternatively i hide element i dont want from every layout by

selecting it hide element then go to another layout do the same…

Reason is complication can have multiple layout and if you allow more then one it will choose base on priority. So removing most of the layout in wfs force the complication to only use that layout. U can also arrange the priority