Is the file for "Premium classic" face available

The default watch face “Premium Classic” does not allow for a digital time complication so I would like to add that, is the original file for this face available so it can be edited?

Yes Classic is usually used to designate analog watch faces. The preinstalled watch faces are not built with Watch Face Studio so there would not be any example code for them. Just design it yourself if you want one.

I don’t see this on my Galaxy Watch4 Classic so I can’t help you with style elements.

You can download some simple examples from the WFS download page


Interesting I didn’t know they were built in something else but I guess the Samsung devs wanted some real low level watch-face making.

Anyway i’m kind of trying to re-create it now but I assume I wont be able to add a weather complication like the original since that requires a paid api key? or is there a built in weather complication in WFS sorry new to galaxy watch.

If you want to see what the face looks like its the one that says “initial” at the top and is featured in alot of the galaxy watch advertisements and of course is analogue.

The user can use the long Text complication show the weather and a progress bar can be selected to show chance of rain you can change opacity of the progress bar so the range doesn’t show only the percent.

The UI of Wear OS is that the end user can change complication to suit their needs so even if the options are there for WFS the end user can still customize them as long as you make them editible.

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When looking at the complication settings for Long Text I cannot find a way to select it to show weather, where is this located?

You can’t set it in WFS. I think they are trying to add more of the available Wear OS complications but right now some things need to be set by the end user.

And I don’t know why but some watch faces have more option for the end user than others. Even in the preinstalled watch faces.

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