Change in Play Store Watch Faces listing in Mobile App

One of members @creationcue noticed that the watch faces are now searchable in the Mobile Play Store in this topic

Do a search in play Store and the app comes up

click on install and all the available devices have a check box that were initially selected except the tablet and I downloaded the GW6 version

Now the good part
It installed in the wearable app immediately. Still need to select it from the app tray but it was there.

Samsung Developer Relations


hi good news, now we can also remove the old apps and have only the watch faces in Google play store??

I think not yet…
on the phone you see “Your device isn’t compatible with this version” and you can’t select “install on watch” without the mobile app. This works only on PC.


Thank you for clarification.

Anyother watch face can install to watch from mobile

Even without companion app

But one of your watch face i couldnt install on watch. It was red color warning instead of usual black