Watchface not visible on Play Store

Hello everyone.

I know there has been some considerable discussion on this in the past, but I’ve not really suffered with this issue until now. But perhaps it’s a timing thing…?

I released a new watch face into Production 36 hours ago
It cleared review within 12 hours - so it’s been live for 24 hours
Wear OS is active as a release type
My device (a GW4 Classic) SM-R890 is flagged as being supported in the device catalogue
It is available in all countries
If I access Play Store on a PC, I can search and find the watchface and it says it is compatible with the SM-R890 when I click on “Buy”

BUT…if I search for the watchface using PlayStore on my mobile, it won’t find it, even when I select the correct device (i.e. my GW4). It will find my other watch faces, but not this one.

If I copy the URL from the PC and use it on the phone, it will take me to the watch face in Play Store but the message “Your device isn’t comptible with this version” is shown in red on the watchface product page.

I’m assuming that the reason it’s not finding the watchface on the phone is that for some reason the Google Play app on the phone does not think the watchface is compatible with my watch. Yet Play Store on the PC is fine.

Does it take a while new watchfaces to become searchable on Play Store on the phone?
I’ve tried clearing cache, but it make no difference.
Any suggestions very welcome!

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You need companion app.

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Thanks Ozan for the tip. I’ve not had a companion app for any of my watchfaces and they are all visible on my phone’s Play Store including one I released a couple of weeks ago so not sure why I’d need one for this watchface?

I’ve never created a companion app, so don’t really want to put the time into it unless it is absolutely necessary or offers a major advantage?

NB, I’ve cleared the data on my phone’s Play Store, but it has made no difference.
I’ve searched for the watchface using Play Store on the watch and it finds it OK (!)

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Wait 2/3 days … Then it will be indexed …

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Thanks Matteo, it has appeared this morning! :+1:


I’ve had one up for a week, and it’s still not compatible.

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