Watch Face unavailable on Google Play on device

So, I built my watch face, generated the files, uploaded it to the google play store as a paid app, and rolled it out.

The problem I’m having. I can see my app in the Play Store on a browser on my computer. But I can not find it on my Galaxy Watch 4 in the play store, or on my phone in the play store.

In the browser on my computer, it also says “This app is not available for any of your devices”.

I didn’t do anything extra. I didn’t modify any of the information in the developer console. It says 33 devices are supported, including my Galaxy Watch 4. And its available in 172 countries / regions, including the U.S and 7 U.S territories. in the developer console. But for some reason in google play, my device is unsupported.

I rolled it out on the 13th of this month. And the status says Production.

Did you activate Wear OS in advanced settings?

I’m new to this. Where is this setting? In the watch face studio program, or the Galaxy watch 4, or on my phone, or in the developer console?

You can find “App - setting - advance”

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In the Developer Console

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Ok, I’ll check and see and let you know if that helped.

Did you happen to start seeing your application show up in the Play Store on your phone?

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That is the reason you dont see it on watch playstore. You have to activate IT for wear os in advanced SettingS of that particular watchface
ON google play console

Can confirm, I updated those settings and I can now see my Watch Face in the Store and I am able to install it from my phone to my watch.

My watch face is standalone and doesn’t have a phone app. I activated for wear os from advanced settings but I still cannot see or download my watch face from my phone. It says the app is not supported… Do I still need a companian app on my phone as mentioned in other posts in this forum?

Hi TheSanitarium,

Is your watch face searchable now. I think it takes a few days for them to be fully propagated from what others have said in the previous discussions.

Samsung Developer Relations

Yes. I made a companion phone app and my watch face is searchable now on google play.

What do you mean by companion phone app?