Weather icons and bitmap fonts

Is it possible to customize the weather icons that the watch uses?
I created a face in Watch Face Studio(WFS) that has a complication I use for weather.
In WFS, it’s blank, but I can customize the complication once I send the face to my watch.

Is it possible to change the weather icons that the watch uses? I believe with Galaxy Design for Tizen, you could use bitmap fonts to replace the default images for sun, rain, snow, etc… There were weather codes (from Open Weather, I believe) that were linked with a given weather condition. Once you knew the codes, you could use your own images as a bitmap font.

Would that work with Wear OS 3? It would take forever to test, because I would have to guess at the weather codes. With Galaxy Design for Tizen, you could test it on the app.


Simple Answer is No. Customizing weather data is very a popular request and the Watch Face Studio Development team is aware of this and has not rejected it. So there is hope for the future but not near future.

The philosophy for Wear OS is to use complications develop by the companion app to ensure a consistent user interface.

In GWS each watch face could use an Open Weather API (or also a commercial one in Tizen Studio) and that basically had Tags for the weather so they could be customized.

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Bummer, but thank you for the quick answer.