Change to Seller Registration Requirements

Is this change only released to corporate commercial sellers? then to commercial individual sellers?
Note: I’ve been approved as a commercial individual seller last days ago.


Otherwise, can I get it free? or must be paid to get it?

Go to and you can get the D-U-N-S number I don’t know if there is a fee for it or not. To register yourself as a business is different in all countries. In the US it is a small fee at the county clerks office.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hello brother. I am feeling happy with your announcement. but in I can’t register as a Moroccan citizen. do you have a way to get this DUNS?

Just at Dun and Bradstreet I don’t know what is required internationally you will need to contact them. This is international.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hello, will this be necessary for all sellers including watch face sellers?

What can I tell them by phone?
Your Opinion Brother about This Suggest: When I contact them, I’ll tell that I am a Samsung seller, then i want DUNs number because Samsung requires me for it.

Just go online to Dun and Brandstreet and apply online I looked at the US side and it was pretty simple and straight forward. I don’t know about the international and what proof they require.

I was told when I asked at Dun and Bradstreet it was free.

Samsung Developer Relations

Could you please ask them how to get it free for Moroccan citizens?

I interpret the notice to say that they are eliminating individual android app sellers, you must be a business. It is my understanding that you can only get a DUNS number if you are a legally registered business.

Register your business in your country then you can apply for a DUNS number. :+1:

Read the third bullet of the notice…

It’s very cute that Samsung change their rules 100 times in a month ! What about non USA citizens? How to get D-U-N-S Number ? Do we need to pay for it? For my country (Bulgaria) redirects me to website that there no option to register this number! What’s next? I think that hole idea is big number of developers to be removed!


Thanks, it was right in front of me i don’t know how could i not see it…

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Great reply teyri, I am very troubled about them. How is it possible for a global company to issue such illusions? As if the whole world is America.
Silly announcement from Samsung.

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When I applied online the form asked if I was US or international.
Dun and Bradstreet is an International company just like Samsung. Most international companies have a D-U-N-S number already and it is very good for small businesses to have one as well.

Samsung Developer Relations

Could you please RON give me the tutorial to get DUNS? note that my nationality is MOROCCO

Hi Krisodis.

I have no idea on DUNS numbers and how to get them. If anyone has a good google site or tutorial for this I urge them to post here.

Samsung Developer Relations

I’m very trouble Mr.RON

Hello all,
By the self-analytics, I conclude that we have an incredible percentage of Moroccan sellers registered at SAMSUNG hhh. That’s the greatest news!

But r.liechty_SDP , I guess we don’t have any way to obtain DUNS numbers as the Moroccan nationalities.

Brother, can you help me with this bad news that was brought from SAMSUNG?

I agree, Samsung should make special rules just for individual sellers from Morocco because they have the best apps and the world really needs those Android apps. Please help these special people with special rules, the other 192 countries in the world don’t need these special rules so it should be easy.