Collecting sensor data from galaxy smart band galaxy fit black

i am interested in utilizing the on device hardware sensor data specifically the accelerometer and the heart rate data for experimental research purpose
where i intend to collect store and transfer the data collected by the sensors to be utilises by android mobil application
is it possible to do this
if not possible with galaxy fit, what other galaxy wearable watches can be used to achieve this objective

All galaxy watches and all galaxy gears (I guess even discontinued gear fit) can run apps for tizen.
Galaxy fit can not.

As Peter said Galaxy Fit is Realtime OS and you cannot create apps for it.

You can do what you want using Tizen Studio for Galaxy Watches Gear S2 - Galaxy Watch3. You can learn about companion apps
Check out this page and you can see how to do it for Web , Native or .NET languages.

There is also documentation on reading sensors data.

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