Commercial distribution requests take too long to process

I think Samsung should change the commercial seller profile review process. If you can’t change it, it’s best to skip the commercial seller profile review altogether. Honestly, you guys are so useless. I have never seen a platform as useless as you. If you can’t do the job, dissolve the company.

There is a delay because of the number and sophistication of fraud and scams has dramatically increased over the past 2 years. The seller portal has had to deepen the check for commercial sellers.

I understand your frustration and hope you are willing to be patient a bit longer than anyone would hope for.

Samsung Developer Relations

You cannot say that. You are pushing the responsibility on the user side. You are a big company. If you have problems with too many applications, why don’t you scale up. You said the number of scams increased. I think this is just a lie to cover the fact that you are not working effectively. Google, Amazon, Microsoft they have the same problem as you and see how they solve it. You always want to get ahead of your competitors and yet the simple thing is to review the developers you can’t even do.