Commercial Distribution Request in Progress - More than two weeks

I have submitted the commercial distribution request for more than two weeks. Can anyone help to pass the review?


The commercial seller license review is usually pretty quick if you use PayPal but for some international banks it can take over 2 weeks. Banks aren’t always that cooperative.

Did you ask on the Seller Portal
Sign in
click on help
click on Contact us on the menu bar.

If they responded and you didn’t understand I’ll contact you in a private message for more information.

Samsung Developer Relations

it seems there is no Contact Us button for the seller portal.

at the bottom

Click the contact us at the customer center
if a pop up appears asking if you meant you did not dismiss it
Fill as best you can Put NA if something is required but does not pertain to your question.

I remember when I did this I waited a long time with no response when I asked about it the answer was an easy fix. But they didn’t tell me until I asked.

Samsung Developer Relations

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