Commercial Distribution Seller vs Corporate Commercial Seller

i have a Question too, because i can’t find in the Terms.

What excalty is the difference between Commercial Distribution Seller / Corporate Commercial Seller

I know some basic, Corporate Commercial Seller needs DUNS Number, Commercial can be sell Themes and WatchFaces, but can’t provide Apps anymore

Thank you

Another seller type Private so the question is What is the difference between
Private Commercial Seller
Private Free Seller
Corporate Commercial Seller

Free vs commercial is obvious and the Store now requires all free sellers to be commercial sellers for all intents and purposes all Watch and Theme sellers were already commercial sellers already.

Private is someone registered as an individual seller (even if they are a business)
Corporate is a registered business (even if they are a single individual business)

The legal term is Corporate for a business and Android App sellers must be a Corporate seller now.

I hope that helps.

Samsung Developer Relations