Request Corporate Commercial Seller. Now, its mandatory? But I'm Theme and watch face developer

Today I received a pop up and then I saw that below my name and email on the seller’s portal this appeared.
But I only sell themes and watch faces, now I have to make this request too? But wasn’t it only for those who make and sell ANDROID apps, except apk themes and watch faces?
When clicking, it speaks of the mandatory registration D-U-N-S® until March 2023
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If I click on no, that I don’t have DUN registration, I will have to go through account registration again and that may take a while, right? And maybe I will lose access to my account?
But they said that for sellers of THEMES and watch faces it was not necessary to make these changes and that it would change nothing for us!!

@r.liechty_SDP and now, what I need to do?? Or do I simply ignore the warning and am not obliged to request this change to the corporate account? I don’t have a company! :dotted_line_face: :face_with_diagonal_mouth: :slightly_frowning_face: :face_with_diagonal_mouth: :worried:

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I think they are just informing everyone about it…

If what they said was true, people who sells tizen, watchface and theme wont have to get a DUNS

Okay, I get that, but now will I be required to be corporate? Starting a company just to sell themes and watch faces? Even though there is no obligation to have a DUN as already mentioned by email and information note and from what I understood, it was not necessary to be a company either.
Or do I just ignore it since it’s for everyone? And from what I understand, if the user has an ANDROID app (not being a theme or watch face category), and the person does not transfer the account to the corporate, the apps will be automatically deactivated.

In short, just seeing themes and watch faces (tizen and wear OS for China), I don’t need to do ANYTHING?

The notice in red is showing for everyone that signs into the store I see it on my test account with nothing in the store.

This is a “translation” issue. It should say Free and Commercial not corporate.
You are already a commercial seller and have verified seller information entered you don’t need to do anything as a Watch Face (any version), Tizen Apps or Theme Seller.

If someone was previously a free only watch face seller they would be upgraded to commercial and need to provide verification information; even if they have not intention of selling commercially.

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Thank you very much!! Thank you for your patience in answering my questions, which are usually repetitive! It’s just that I want to do things right!

Hello, private vendors must change to Corporate Vendor before March 1, 2023 or you will not be able to upload themes and not update them, inform yourself well.

It is not that @r.liechty_SDP told to me.

So, @r.liechty_SDP , I’m calm about that.

I saw that the website has a notification about a new policy that will be announced in June 2023. I hope it’s not for something to implicate the lives of those who are already registered as a theme developer and private developer. I hope they don’t force us to become corporate developers.

I don’t think there are many free Theme sellers in the system. You can still publish free content but you need any Free sellers will be upgraded to commercial sellers and need to provide Business information but do not need a DUNS number.

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Corporate is the category for commercial sellers. I think it is a legal term they use, it does not mean you have to be incorporated. You have to provide your business information if you are already a paid seller then you’ve done that.

The Notice you refer to is about the procedure for the recruitment of new Theme designers. This does not affect current Theme designers.

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