Commercial Seller Request Problem

Hi Everyone :raised_hand:

I have a problem about be commercial seller.
I applied 4 times to become a commercial seller. But I rejected.

1-) Now my first question is What exactly should I write in these sections?

A-Branch Address: 71
B-Branch Address: Atalar Mahallesi Üsküdar Caddesi No: 146 / A Kartal/Kocaeli

Which one is right? What is the meaning of the branch address? A-Branch Code? B-Coordinate of the branch?

2-) Now my second question is What exactly should I write in these sections?

A- 123 - 4567890
B - TR95 0000 0000 1234 5678 1234 12
(These are examples. There are no such these account numbers.)

Which one is right? What is the meaning of Account Number? A-BranchCode+AccountNumber? B-IBAN Code?

3-) Also I shared a photo of my driver’s license when I applied. Because my identity is completely Turkish, but my driving license is half English, half Turkish. it’s a official document. Is this acceptable?

4-) When i go to bank, i wanted letter with swift code on it but bank staff said me; “we can’t give a letter like your request. Everyone who want to learn our swift code they can look our website.”
In the description part, I will share the English website of the bank containing the SWIFT code. Is this acceptable?

Thank you very much in advance for your answers.

The main reason sellers are rejected is that the name in their government issued ID and the name they put in the form don’t match. The issue is the form has First Name and Last Name fill in blanks but you need the full name from the ID. For example First name John Last name Doe may not work but putting First Name John Jay and Last Name Doe works. Or if the Government document is last name first you have to put the last name as the First Name and your first name as the Last Name.

The easiest way you can be accepted is to use PayPal account if that is available to you.

for the financial information see the commercial seller guide in the seller portal- Guides tab it should explain what you need.

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Thank you but this problom not about my Name or Surname.

Unfortunately PAYPAL is forbidden in my country. For that reason I have to use a bank account.

Can you help me on how to fill the sections?

I’m sorry I can’t help you with this I don’t know all the bank details in various countries. Using the 1:1 Enquiry in the seller portal might be of help but I think your best bet is to find another seller from your country and see if they can help.

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Thank you so much Ron for your reply :hugs:

Actually this question has a global answer. Maybe old sellers may not remember. but new sellers can help them fill out the sections.


i try to help you. Each Bank has IBAN Number and Swift Bic Code.
Bank Name > Put the Name of your Bank
Branch Name > Same as Bank name
Branch Adress > Where the bank is based (ex. Istanbul)
Account Number > Put the IBAN Number
BIC/IBAN > Same as Account Number

Do you have a Passport? When yes, use this. It’s better. If not, you have a ID Card? Use this.

About a officla Document from your Bank, try to use a statement of account where IBAN and your name is visible :slight_smile: alternatly submit a support Ticket to the Seller Page

I rejected because of my Branch Address twice. If i write just Istanbul, Is this acceptable? the name of the branch where my account is “Kartal”. Not the same as the bank name. Was it the same for your issue?

I have passport but, it expired.

I asked to support. I am waiting for their answer.

thank you so much.