Does Samsung still welcome commercial app developers in the US?

Hi everyone, I don’t know if anyone here is a personal app developer. i’m american, not sure if it’s more difficult to register but it’s been exactly 2 months since i signed up for commercial seller but it still hasn’t announced anything. Are there any American developers here who have successfully signed up? Can we have a little chat?


They don’t send notices when you are not approved. You have to open an Contact request to find out.
In my case it was because I put my first name and then my last name that was all the space they had. But it requires the same name as on your ID so I put Ronald for the first name and then my middle and last name as the last name. I used pay pal and was approved in about 2 days.

Write and get the information of why no acceptance. If you don’t understand the response let us know. Generally they use a canned response that is so broad it is hard to understand.

Samsung Developer Relations

That’s weird, I’m American, my name is Christopher Elias Reese. When I registered, I made sure I left my first name as : Christopher and last name as: Elias Reese. That completely correct, I also added my middle name. The mechanism to distinguish surnames is a bit wrong. I’m not a foreigner.

You are in Korea :slight_smile:

Write them they will give you an explanation.
Having said that there is a temp glitch in the Seller Portal sign on so sign in on so don’t do it for an hour or so.
Use the Help, Contact Us then it pops up something and select Contact Us again.

My chrome browser will pop up a spoof account warning asking if you meant Samsung (instead of dismiss it

If it isn’t too personal let me know what the issue is. If not name then Bank info. If you have Pay Pal it is swift approval. Personal bank not always.

We can straighten out any problems.

Samsung Developer Relations

Sorry I made you uncomfortable, I will contact via email to know more.
:grin: Thank you for your support!

I’m assuming you cannot sign in as they implemented something Friday that broke the seller Portal sign in process (and other services) they fixed it for and Developer Portal . If it doesn’t work for you clear the browser history or sign in with an incognito window.

Samsung Developer Relations