Registering as a Commercial Distribution Seller

Does anybody know if having a business is a prerequisite for signing up as a commercial distribution seller? I am trying to sell a watch face I made and after applying for the commercial distribution status, was rejected for some reason (no email was sent). The only thing I can think of is that I used a drivers license instead of a “business certificate”.

You do not need to have a DBA or registered as a business to be a commercial seller on the Samsung Store but they are Extremely strict on the names being the same. As I recall they do not have any option for Middle Name so when I registered as first name Ronald last name Liechty they rejected me. I had to register as first name Ronald Daniel last name Liechty because that is what shows on my Drivers License.

I would also advise you to use Pay Pal account if at all possible. Verifying the bank information can also lead to problems.

So reapply and be sure the name is exactly the same as on the drivers license and that your license is not expired.

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Ah, thanks, I wondered. My drivers license has the middle initial. I resubmitted yesterday with the middle initial included in the english name field, but not in the first name field as you suggested. If it comes back in a couple weeks I’ll try that. Thanks.