Compass Complication

Is there no compass complication available? Can’t find one…


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You can add compass in your watchface by following these steps:

add a short text complication and leave it editable.
deploy it on your watch
tap your watch face on your watch
you will get customize option
now you can customize complication by tap on your complication
you will get many options such as compass, steps count, weather, world clock etc.

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Yes, I think it’s the best way. I used this way.

There is another way that I have not tested, using the samsung application ID :

This is great if this is for a Samsung Smart Watch.

As fowziyaboshra said using a blank short text complication will allow the end user to add a compass if it is available.


Hi there, i tried but i can find weather, clock… but not compass.
also, with the heart rate brings only a static icon but not the courent HR
Thank you

For Heart Rate tracking you can use this:


As Ron said

if the compass is not in your watch it will not show for adding as a complication.
Currently I am also facing the same problem you are facing now. I am also don’t find the compass :sob:

thank you so much. i will try this way.

Quick question. Which compass app is installed on the watch to get it to show up? I have Samsung compass installed and it doesn’t show up on the list.

Any that have a prewritten complication will show up for customization. The one that came installed on my Pro5 doesn’t seem to have any complication for it.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Have you found a compass app that works with the short text complication?

All I could find is opening one by app Id

Samsung Developer Relations

After you add a blank short text complication, if you set it to Barometer when you tap it it’ll open up the Samsung compass. Hope this helps.