Limited number of complications

I am making a watch face in WFS which is going well, but when I put it on my watch4, it only has access to 4 complications for the small complications, and a lot more for long text ones, but most of em are just app shortcuts. Notably missing is the HR complication and the weather complication, which I use 100% of the time on other faces. Any help would be appreciated!

I have experienced the same. Changing the language and then switching back to the original language solved the problem for me. See this Notice of new Beta version 1.3.8 (Oct 12, 2022) - #6 by peter2 and this Notice of new Beta version 1.3.8 (Oct 12, 2022) - #15 by peter2 post.

I never have changes the language on my phone or my watch. I will try to change it to some random language and switch it back

Edit: I tried changing it to Spanish and back, but nothing changed

I only had to switch it once (and then back). After I switched to the other language I saw way more complications (as it used to be prior to the 1.3.8 beta). After switching back to the original language I could still see and select all the complications.

Yeah no, switching languages is doing nothing for me. In WFS, where you can set the complication to only one preset thing, the only options I have for that is steps

The only thing I had was the Heart complication. After playing with resetting and other things a few more came back. I’ll try factory reset but I think it is an issue with how the Wearable app works because I can see and set all the complications on the Watch itself.

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Could you please share any video to visualize the issue. In my end I don’t find any issue.

I mean, my app just says that I can only use like 5 complications. I’ve found a way around it by just hard coding all the complications I would use into progress bars to make ‘‘em look nicer as well

I don’t think there is a Watch Face Studio limit to complications. There are only a few that are universal complications (that all Wear OS watches should have) that can be preset by WFS but the end user can change them in customizations.

It was not having the options show up that Peter2 and I experienced.

But I agree with you having ranged values is really nice look for a watch.

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