Complications not showing in Wearable App

Yes I spoke too soon. It was only health complications the ones and I think Short Text and Long Text complications the icons are missing.
And all other complications


@amoledwatchfaces and @r.liechty_SDR my watch still cant select complications from wearable app?

Gw 5 pro

Why the wearable app only shows complication for certain watch/update.

Should they fixed it at the app level not the watch?

It’s the second update this year, that after the update the complications are not visible.
It is no longer understandable that Samsung is not testing these functions sufficiently. And then the next update will take that long.


i’m a little confused about the update. in the google play store it says the app was last updated Oct 25, which i know is not right. the samsung galaxy store says it was last updated Nov 17. both places show the same version number, which also matches the version number on my phone, but my phone says it was last updated Jan 4 (google play store). :man_shrugging:

I understand and I am trying to do my best to bring the developers voice heard by the teams that are affected.

It appears that the system update was mainly for health and had nothing to do with the complications. I jumped the gun on that

Samsung Developer Relations

I’ve got the exact same problem on my Watch6 Classic: I updated the firmware to AWK4, and the Wearables app on my phone has updated itself to and my “circle” complication slot now only shows “None” and the “Samsung Health” complications - identical to the screenshot above - but not all the other complications (such as weather) that are supported in this slot.

Desperately hoping the Samsung devs will patch this bug soon!

@r.liechty_SDR do we have any update for this? Currently it’s ruining apps ranking / decreasing average rating a lot…

I will ask if they have an ETA on the fix. It may be something that required changes elsewhere.


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