Complications not showing in Wearable App

Continuing the discussion from [IS_DST] on/off and wearable app complication bug:

I have contacted the WFS team that work with the Wearable App team. It appears like the Wearable app is not working with the new Watch Face Format.

Samsung Developer Relations


@r.liechty_SDR it was so sudden. Remember it working for awhile with 1.5.7 wfs, wear os 4

I have not applied the latest Update and it still works for me. It should be a simple fix or reversal of the “fix” before.
If you have a Samsung mobile report this on the Samsung Members app. That actually will get attention. Samsung moderates social media too.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thanks! I think easy solution would be to issue another update and revert customization changes back to previous version.

Here is support request ticket (7 days old)
Under Review
Galaxy Wearable - BUG

Pixel Watch app had similar issue and Google solved it with update.

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@amoledwatchfaces and @r.liechty_SDR , i also posted in (Samsung members)

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And I receive angry letters saying that complications do not work, and when I clarify, I understand that they do not work only in Galaxy Wearable.

I understand that the wearable app has recently been updated. After that, I sometimes get a report that the app can’t set up the complication, so isn’t it a problem with the wearable app?

Hi, its the wearable app. That why we are to go to “samsung members” forum to raise the bug there.

Or contact samsung device support

This is great, every day 20+ emails about not working complication customization.

Why is so hard for Samsung to revert Galaxy Wearable changes until they fix and properly test it internally?

I’m thinking about changing all apps description and adding big red disclaimer stating that in the current Galaxy Wearable app, it is not possible to edit complications and it’s Samsung fault.

This current issue harms watch faces rankings a lot.


Sadly i have not heard anything from my end either
Meaning no reply at samsung members

@amoledwatchfaces , @r.liechty_SDR

Funny thing is i went to samsung support chat. And i get this final replies

I told them about it being the wearable app bug and we developers have spoke on this and i had also feedbacked in samsung member community.

And this the reply…

@Knightwing same, i think i got an automated response


so isn’t it a problem with the wearable app?

probably but it it could be that it just manifested itself in the Wearable App and be an issue in Watch Face Format or elsewhere. Especially since googles wear app fixed the same issue at the same time the Wearable app broke the same issue. :slight_smile:


i think i got an automated response

I’m sure you are getting an Automated response but having said that those are filtered and sorted and get attention.


Why is so hard for Samsung to revert Galaxy Wearable changes until they fix and properly test it internally?

Because the only thing worse than doing an update that breaks something is reverting back and having that reversion do something much worse. Then you don’t look foolish you look totally incompetent.

I’ll see if I can get an update on this.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Changelog for current version was: “fixed the error” - this, alone feels very unprofessional. I bet next version will be still something like “fixed the error” or “fixes”. Without any info about what exactly was changed, nobody would even notice that something got reverted.

Galaxy Wearable should be able to instantly adapt to Watch Face Format changes because if not, it destroys whole point of shifting to Watch Face Format. Maybe this is not about WFF but rather DWF (responsible for watch face rendering), hard to say…Anyway, neither WFF or DWF changed their version in the last weeks, only Galaxy Wearable, so error needs to be fixed in Galaxy Wearable.

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This creates unreversible damage as no one from these 1-star reviewers will come later and update their review. Sad, just sad… Already 20 days without bugfix.

Affected version of Samsung Galaxy Wearable app: (10/27/2023)

@catherina00 @sinjae


Did anyone from the Samsung dev team see this? When can we expect any updates on this issue?

Good news this issue was found and fixed but I don’t have a timeline for release.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Perfect! Hopefully soon :slight_smile:

I’ve also received reply from support team that they are preparing support for Ranged Value complication in Small Box complication slot.


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Great News
I downloaded a Galaxy Watch Software update (I checked before it was automatic) and the software update was very large and after that the contents are now appearing.


Updated too (AWK4), now I only see first few of Samsung Health complications. Definitely not full list

Can you check?