Controling Appearance Using Accelerometer Tags

Hello, I would like to be able to control object properties using accelerometer tags, for example: ACC_Y or ACC_X, and be able to change the opacity, etc. The problem is that these tags do not work. A basic example: [ACC_Y]>=30?100:0 and it doesn’t work.

Has anyone been able to use the accelerometer tags correctly?

Thank you.

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Hi have you tried other tags does it work.

If u tried other tags and it also does not works means your fomula is wrong. Not the tag…

E.g [MON]==1

Anyway what your starting % ? 0?

Set that to 0 not 100…if u using your formula…because its does a +…

Meaning x% + tag,

And formula should be


With brackets…

The other thing is you could just use gryo option

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It looks like they are there but have no range They may be place holders for implementing later.



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@BERGEN Try the angle ones . I have used them a lot .
Gives a + 90 - 90 angle . use the little joystick with the sliders to test it . It almost does Opacity without any Maths . You might want to Look at abs . That will get rid of the minus angles . Depends what you want to do Artificial horizon on a cockpit face is a favourite and looks brilliant . The Gyro on WFS is calibrated brilliantly . Very smooth .
If you struggle I will post a test here you can inspect . Give us a rough Idea what you want to animate .

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