Style editor - different opacity for each image

Hi guys,

I started making a watch face based on Wutronic… whatever… I am trying to add a floating background with 3 different images:
1 nebula
2 milky way
3 simple stars.

Now here is the problem:
for 1 and 2, the opacity is 65:

I want this, for the 3rd selection to be 100%. Can this be done? or should I stick to 100 and edit the other two images and lower their opacity?

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Depends how you are Making the Images visible if you are using a Timed Conditional for each image the Opacity can be what ever you want ?65:0 . If you are using Style I think it is On or Off .

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yeah I am using style… so the way to go is to keep this 100, and reduce in the file the other too… well that is bad :slight_smile: opacity should be settable for each image in style :smiley: but this is the way to go…


I am not a great Fan of Style unless I have to
I spent 4 years now on Facer . It is all tags Over there. No STYLE , Time Lines , Masks or any of that stuff and thier Gyro Reading is Shit by Comparison .