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I’m wondering what kind of documents Samsung consider as a permission to be able to publish product based on actual brand/game/organization?

For example:
If I’m contacted a game developers and they allow me to use their game title. icon and assets in my product (whatchface/wallpaper/etc)…how to prove that I have the permission from the developers? By email? Or?


We have the IP owner send us a PDF signed letter saying we have the IP rights for xxxxx type of product, and what those rights are. Then we attach to the app submission in the portal.

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There are several sites on the Internet where you can download those permission forms. Be sure to use them because if the review team feel you are trying to sneak something in they will revoke your account.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Thank you for your response!

If you not bothered I would like to ask for more information

1- is it any letter signed by the developer? Or it must be in a specific form as Ron mentioned about permission form?
And if its a specific form…can you please share a link or something about where to get that

2- and can I make them give the rights to me in my name? Or brand name?
I mean I would like to use that permissions for other platforms maybe…so i want the rights given to my name…make sense?

Thank you

But if I have a legitimate permission I don’t have to worry about that…right?

And if you can refer from where to get that form I will appreciate that


I’ve submitted more than 10 validation letters, and have never had a problem with approval. The letters I’ve submitted are in PDF format on the IP owners letterhead, and signed by a representative of the IP owner. The verbiage is typically along these lines:

IP OWNER (the “Licensor”) hereby declares that, as at the date of this letter, SELLER (the “Licensee”), with its principal office at XXXX, COUNTRY, is our authorized licensee to develop, publish, sell, digitally distribute, transfer and in other ways make available products bearing the trademarks, copyrights, characters, designs, and visual representations associated with the IP OWNER characters as identified below pursuant to the current license agreements defined in XXXXXX contract:

Licensed Property: The following characters character as depicted in Licensor’s style guides:
• XXXXXX character

Licensed Works: Digital stickers, digital applications, and digital themes for use in messenger services and on desktops to be purchasable and downloadable on mobile devices and PCs as keyboards and screen saver, desktop backgrounds and backgrounds on portable devices.

Licensed Territory: European Union, United Kingdom, Russia, Turkey, Israel, India, South Africa, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Australia, New Zealand

Term of contract: 1st March 2021- 31st December 2023

This authorization shall remain in effect until 31st December 2023, or until such time as it is revoked by IP OWNER.

Please feel free to contact the undersigned should you have any questions.