Corporate Themes

Dear, good morning

I am part of this company, and on corporate Galaxy phones, we need a theme that is similar to that of our website, so that it becomes standard …

I would like some suggestions



You looking for a designer to make and publish a theme for you?

Or you are a designer and looking for ideas?

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I’m Brazilian and I’m a developer, I make themes!
I contacted you by whatsapp that I saw on the company’s website!
The theme (your brand) will be visible in the Galaxy Store, not being possible for private use and other people will be able to download it too.

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I beleive what you are looking for would go against Samsung’s TOS, although I have seen Sellers publish blatant product advertising, with branding, so you could probably get away with it.

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Hi ,
A designer to make a custom theme

Yes, let´s talk…

We do not intend to put products on the themes, but rather, a personalized theme from our area of ​​expertise