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Isn’t this Samsung theme development process for individual developers? Why do I see so many company developers in top designers list. Are they sharing their passwords with many other developers to develop and design themes inside the company?
No wonder is see 100s of themes released everyday by single developer in a single day.

Please explain how to register as company so that many designers can work on themes.

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Some sellers are congregate sellers people submitting to them to be published. Others are just full time designers not doing anything but Themes and not working on other jobs.

I can tell you what they all have in common. They have extensive catalogs and can submit multiple themes for any and every promotion. They plan ahead and have multi-references for every single theme in their portfolio.

In other words they are efficient businesses that know their consumer and design for that, not what they personally find pleasing.

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That’s a good question.

As approved sellers how can we give access to the tool to others to help us develop more themes? Without sharing one ID and the single password.

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True but don’t tell me Aire design, Butterfly effect, Cogul planet Inc are individual and sole proprietor designers out there. Looks like they are registered companies.

Of course they are companies, and some of them have a LOT of theme creators, contractors and employees.

Themes are not just for individual sellers, and never have been.

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I believe that they were early partners you could tell because they had more information in their seller profiles. You cannot promote the “Themes” in the first device if there were not companies making them and had them for sale before the first device with Themes was released.

Anyway isn’t the Theme Studio a cloud app now? Ask the seller portal but just remember that if you do add other designers that you are financially responsible for any legal costs if those employees should have any IP infringement.

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