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I have recently joined Samsung Theme Designer and have started working on my first products. Now, I would like to sell them, but I am encountering difficulties when attempting to request Private Seller status.

Samsung has rejected my request several times and informed me that I need to submit a Commercial request. However, the challenge lies in the fact that this requires a D.U.N.S code.

I have done some research on D.U.N.S and discovered that it is free in the United States. Unfortunately, in my country, it is quite expensive, costing more than $1,000 for a two-year period.

I would like to inquire if there are any alternative methods available. I am genuinely passionate about creating themes and contributing my best to the Samsung Store.

I am eagerly looking forward to any assistance from everyone.

Thank you.

Curious why you are requesting private seller status, you should not need that to sell themes. If your status is Commercial Distribution Seller you should be able to load and sell themes.

Are you in China that may make a difference.?

Sorry for make you confusing. I mean I’m requesting Commercial Distribution Request and got rejected.

You only need the DUNS for corporate commercial seller.
Most Android app sellers on Galaxy Store have to be corporate commercial sellers not but Theme Sellers are exempt and can be private commercial sellers. g
Go to your account and change the seller type to Private Commercial seller. You may need to note that you are only Selling themes and understand to sell non-theme Android apps you need to change to corporate seller account.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Thank you so much for your confirmation.

Yes, I’m requesting with the seller type Private Commercial seller. I hope that I will get the approved soon.

Btw, Do you know how long the progress is?

Best regards

It depends if you have a bank or e-banking such as PayPal. If it is brick and mortar in not in the US it can take a couple weeks, that depends on your bank.

Samsung Developer Relations

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So sad that I’m not get approval. I hope that I will got it soon so that I can start sell my theme. :smiling_face_with_tear:

One of my contacts said they were probably waiting for you to submit a Theme to show you are indeed a Theme seller…
So, did you submit your Theme to be published?

This shouldn’t be taking this long. Let me know if you’ve published any Themes free or paid.

Samsung Developer Relations

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I have one free Theme published and I have some themes waiting for the approval so that I can publish as a paid theme. (for now I can’t set the paid theme, only free)


You need to contact the seller portal team about this by…
Signing in to the seller portal
Click on Help
click on contact us
Click on the contact us in that form
If it says do you mean you don’t dismiss that
tell them the issue and be sure to tell them you are a Themes only creator and understand you would need to be a commercial seller to sell Android apps.

I wish I could help, but for any thing financial I can not intercede to the seller office.

If they send back a reason you don’t understand let me know and I’ll contact you with a private message and may be able to understand the issue.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Thank you. I have just sent the support ticket. I hope I will got the approval soon.

Hi @r.liechty_SDR ,

First of all, happy new year and thank you so much for your support.

I got the response from Seller Portal team and seems like it required the business document. Is that right?

So that I can’t be a freelancer and have to register a local business in my country.

Theme developers can be private commercial sellers but you have to be a commercial seller.
DUNS is only required for Corporate Commercial Sellers

Go to the Seller Portal
You should be listed as a Private Seller
Click on request commercial seller request and click on Private commercial seller
it will have some information and ultimately ask you to link to this seller Guide section

  • Those who apply for a status change to a Commercial Seller must submit the following required documents. All submitted documents must be in English.
    • A copy of identification card in English (however, sellers with Russian citizenship are not required to submit a copy of identification card)

Then there are more stuff about banking information.

You don’t need a local business unless your are an Non-Themes Android developer


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Thank you so much, Ron.

I’m so happy when finally I have just got the approval. Will start working hard today.

Have a good day.

Thanks for letting me know. This comes up every so often and I’m never sure what the final outcome was.


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hi @r.liechty_SDR, could you help me this case?
My account is a private seller. According to Galaxy store rules, the selling theme does not need to be a commercial seller. However, I am unable to upload a theme with a paid status.
Could you double check my account And please let me know how I can upload a theme with paid status.
Please refer to my attachments here

Thank you so much,