Reset Step Counter. Is there a way?

Is there a way to reset the stepcounter, maybe by tapping on a specific (programmed) button in the facewatch? When i start a walk i want to reset my stepcount to zero, but i didnt find out how to do that? :thinking: Would also be cool to have a button in the watchface where is can do that reset.

GWD nor GWS does not offer such option. It shares step count and step goal with s-health app, which also does not support custom reset (only daily at midnight).

Thx Peter, i was afraid that there is no way to reset the counter. :frowning_face:

BTW is there a way to contact you via email oder private message? I cand find a PM option in this forum. :thinking:

I would prefer if the site had some form of personal messaging even between members not just for the staff. you can write me to

With Tizen Studio this can be done perfectly.
You need to have programming knowledge and use the corresponding API with the necessary privileges.