Coupon - Republica Moldova


Normally I would ask the service team, but since the service site is currently down, I’ll try my luck here.
I have a user from Republica Moldova. When I check the country list under the coupon section, I can’t find the country. Is it therefore not possible to create a coupon for him, although he seems to have the ability to pay. Is his country possibly listed under a different category? For example Global A or something?


Themes cannot be sold in Moldova, you can only distribute free themes. From a prior notice (Moldova is listed under Global A Free):

As of January 26, 2021 (Korea Standard Time), Galaxy Store & Themes will no longer offer paid contents and in-app purchase items in the following countries:


As a result, you no longer can distribute paid contents/applications or in-app purchase items in these countries.

We will automatically exclude aforementioned countries from the list of countries where you distribute paid applications or in-app purchase contents. Please note that you can continue to distribute free applications in these countries.

First of all thank you for the response.

But what happened with already purchased watch apps?

He did bought a watch face of mine with IAP functionality long time ago. He had reinstalled it but the dial does not recognize that the app has already been paid for. So after the trial period it’s shows him he have to pay AGAIN.

That’s super weird. Normally i would give him a coupon but now this is also no option. :man_shrugging:t2:


Yes, that’s a unique situation.

I wonder if you made sure Global A Free was checked in the app countires list, and they should see it as a free app in the store, and be able to download?

Of course, IAP always seems to complicate things :frowning:

He bought it before the country restriction.

I had this problem more often in the past when I still used the IAP option. After re-installation, the clock does not seem to query the information whether paid or not.

Because of this, I always had alternatively a normal paid version. Here I could circumvent such a situation with a coupon.

What is unfortunately not possible in the current case. Now I stand there and have no real solution.