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I have a question. I am annoyed! Why do many developers publish paid watch faces with many voucher coupons? Over and over again. I have nothing against limited promotions and I also use them. I don’t understand the point in it, if you want users to get them for free, then they should make the watch faces free.

Sorry for my bad english!

There is a perception that using coupons will place your app higher up in the top seller list. I don’t think there is a correlation but the store is taking this very seriously and investigating. If the algorithm is incorrect then it will be changed.

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Thanks Ron for your reply!

The truth is it is happening .
whenever a watch face is given free in the Featured promo section, it increases the downloads.
As soon as the promo ends, the watch face which is now paid automatically moves to in the top 100 list
The Featured free tool should be used to promote brand awareness, and should not have any bearing on the rankings as they have been given away free (but it is happening that is for sure and for avery long time)
According to my humble opinion only three factors should be part of the algorithm which decides the rankings
1 ) Sales numbers 2) Paid reviews 3) Price of the app
Don’t take this the wrong way , but the system right now has so many flaws and holes, desperate developers are going to exploit every loophole in it.

I do not use anything against limited promotions, but why unlimited promotions. Example my picture. WHY?

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Regarding JibberJab Reviews have you wrote to them and asked them not to have unlimited free coupons or limited time?

What I can say is this has gone to the highest level of the Galaxy store.

Samsung Developer Program

not Jibber Jab offers the codes unlimited, but the developer Bergen.
but no matter, I think nothing will change in the Galaxy Store. It’s a shame for the hard-working developers who won’t get a chance to successfully promote their work

Mhhh everybody is sending free coupons to customers, not only Bergen. There are a lot of devs using this marketing technique.
And just now, when devs are using a coupon generator, everybody is angry, but before, a lot, a lot of dev are doing the same thing by sharing a gdocs with the list of coupons, and nobody said nothing.

And why marketing strategies? because they are sending a lot of people to the galaxy store, by using a hook (very very old technique) people only can use the coupon by adding a payment method first…then, they are inside the store ready to buy something more.

I’m not agree about how coupons are counting like a paid app, maybe just Samsung can improve the algorithm to reduce this scale, but change it at all, no way, then dev will stop using coupons and fewer customers going to the galaxy store, less money for each part.

Do you know guy, that all the customers using coupons through social media, email, or other ways, are only a small percent (less than 1%)of the customers with watches? They are your PRODUCT, take advantage of this.

I have nothing against limited codes, I also use them, but unlimited codes … I don’t know. You can then make this product for free . I see it’s a pointless discussion … so I’m going to close this here.