Cyprus Galaxy Store only Free Watchfaces available?

does anyone know why the Galaxy Store in Cyprus only displays free watchfaces?
Checked with a Note 10 Plus + Watch 3 45mm
Only my free faces can be seen

I don’t know the reason but it’s stated in the Seller Portal under the Country/Region & Price tab…

Only free of charge apps can be “sold” in Pan-Africa and Global Free. And that’s nearly 70 countries!

Specifically, below the Advanced Pricing Table there’s a link -

 * Please refer to [Setting Country/Region] for further details.
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Usually it is a matter regarding taxes or no method to pay.

I’m moving this to the Seller Portal forum.

Samsung Developer Program

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thank you, did not see that, will check the country list

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i also thought this (galaxy watch) was not the perfect forum for this, so thank you