Create peer app for watch which work as peripheral


Could we create a peer app for Galaxy watch3 by using Tizen SDK which can advertise services and characteristics as BLE peripheral. If yes then guide me how we can do?

Hello rah1607340580,
Would you please discuss your requirement in more detail such as in which Tizen Platform you’re going to implement the peer app?
And also please explain a little bit more about what type of advertisement features you mean by ‘advertise services and characteristics as BLE peripheral’.


Hi SSaha,

Thanks for reply.

I want to access Samsung watch3 Steps , Heart rate from the iOS app. Earlier, I did same for android via
SAP which is not applicable for iOS. To achieve same thing, I was thinking to create peripheral app for watch3. iOS app will connect peripheral app (app installed on watch) and send request for Steps or Heart rate with the help of characteristics. Kindly let me know, is it feasible or not.

In both cases (feasible or not), please guide me to how to get Steps, Heart Rate reading from the Samsung watch3 on iOS. I am new for watch development.

As we know that SAP is not available for iOS currently. You can communicate with iOS to tizen watch through BLE GATT API. I think this forum query may help you to understand more.
Thank you.