I want to access Sensor, Hear reading on iOS device


I want to access Samsung watch3 Steps , Heart rate from the iOS app. Earlier, I did same for android via
SAP which is not applicable for iOS. To achieve same thing, I was thinking to create peripheral app for watch3. iOS app will connect peripheral app (app installed on watch) and send request for Steps or Heart rate with the help of characteristics. Kindly let me know, is it feasible or not.

In both cases (feasible or not), please guide me to how to get Steps, Heart Rate reading from the Samsung watch3 on iOS. I am new for watch development.

Rahul Jain

Hi, you didn’t mention what plaftorm you want to use: Web API, Tizen Native or .NET?
In case Web API you should use humanactivitymonitor api

To change data between iOS and Watch3 you can use Bluetooth API (Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE) or proxy server. Of course it needs you more effort at start but give you more flexible solution in future.


How can we send data from Tizen web app to iOS device over Bluetooth LE?

I am not familiar with iOS but BLE is industrial standard and I supposed is supported by most of devices on mobile markets nowadays.