Creating an upload to a watch with Galaxy Watch Studio is not possible

Has anyone been able to create a developer certificate for GWS Watch item in GWS without using their phone? It can not be done and the instructions in GWS Developer Support pages are incorrect.

HI Carlos,

The only reason that I know of that someone can not create a Distributor Certificate is if they have Windows 7 and they either don’t have Internet Explorer or 16 bit Internet Explorer installed.

If that is the case you can find instruction online how to update IE to 32 bit. That installs a DLL that the store requires for a connection. It is part of the system in Windows 10.

If that isn’t the case then you must have some firewall blocking connecting to the store.

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Please compile link and make available on the store free for me, charge others as you like.

I’ve not paired my watch with a phone, nor received an invite to create a developer certificate with exposing my own watch. You can do that?


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Hi Carlos,

Going through a review process is quite involved and probably not practical for someone to do. They can create it and upload it to the store and you can get it as a beta tester if you have a Samsung mobile.

If you just want to build the project. You can do that just use 1234 is the DUID it should allow you do that but it can’t run on any device unless there is a distributor certificate for that exact DUID. Every watch needs a specific Distributor certificate.

You can connect to your watch without being paired to a phone. You simply have to have both computer and watch connected to the same WiFi Channel.

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Ron your swift reply is encouraging.