Not able to create distribution certificate for watch studio

Whenever I try to run Watch face on my active 2 using Samsung watch studio. It asks me to get a distribution certificate but after log in I am getting a java error. But I am able build and install watch face if I use tizen studio. I have attached the screen shot of the error.

Hi @ans1602323121,
If you have Blue Coat unified agent installed in your system or anything like that, you may temporarily disable it and that might fix your problem. Let me know the result.


Hi @azad Thanks for replying.

There is one netskope client installed in my system but I can’t disable it because it is installed and controlled by my company in which I am working. But I was able to make it work in tizen studio as it allows you to create author and distribution certificate in local using some extended downloads in package manager. Is there any way to do it in Watch Studio?

Hey @ans1602323121,

You just need to have the distributor certificate for your watch at Users/[your_username]/GearWatchDesigner/keystore.
Therefore, I would suggest you, copy the distributor certificate that you have created in Tizen Studio and paste it into the location above and thus GWS won’t ask to generate the distributor certificate. So you can skip this error if the certificate works fine otherwise you have to try something else.
You may find the distributor certificate somewhere in Users/[your_username]/SamsungCertificate.

Let me know if it works.

Hi @azad,

I copied certificates from Tizen studio . I have attached the screenshot of the same. But it is still asking for the distribution certificate but I tried checking with author certificate and Watch studio is able to verify the author certificate that i have created from tizen studio. But for distribution certificate it still asks me to sign in and create