Creating watch face - alarm

I’ve started creating my own watch face, and came across a problem i can’t figure out.
I want Conditional feature that shows how much time I have to my next alarm, like it’s on one of the built in faces. I’ve already created some bitmaps, but have no clue about any coding/tags.
Can anyone help?

Here is the pic of the built in face


Galaxy Watch Studio is a design tool not a development tool and only the provided tags and complications are available. What you’d need to do is have a button with the action to open app and select alarm from that. It will not read it out on the watch face.

The pre-installed watch faces are built in a lower level of the watch platform and have access to functionality not available to Watch Face Designers.

If you want a readout on your watch face you would need to do this with Tizen Studio for the Watch and a companion Android App on the mobile that gets the alarm information and sends it to the watch.

There may be a complication that is designed for Galaxy Watch4 (Wear OS not Tizen OS) that will do as you want but the current alarm complication does not have a count down.

Hope this helps,

Samsung Developer Relations

Yes, that helps! Thank you for your time! Much appreciated!