Increasing curve of progress bar to match watch radius

Ive been messing with values for over an hour but I cant get my progress bars curve to match the radius of the watch. I want it to have the same distance and curve as the watch face and look even and symmetrical all the way along.

try two things:
Make sure the curvature has same size in both directions (so it is circle, not elipse) and is within the borders of canvas (450x450)
then hit the center button, so the center of the progres bar matches center of the face

thanks @Peter I tried that but how do I pull back the top and bottom to match the curvature of the face? like below?

What you said makes sense but its way too big, I want a small progress bar and it curls in more the smaller I make it…

Ok, now I understand. The original documentation does not explain much.
For the progress bar can be adjusted the start angle and the angular distance.
So if you want it being short, but with big radius, you have to reduce the angle.
It cant be automatically centered like that, but note, it still shows the pivot point when selected.
Place it to the screen center. Check this screenshot:

Btw, this options are one of the nice improvements in version 1.1.9

Yes! This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again @Peter , I’ll try it tomorrow and see how it looks.