Custom images language setting

Hi. I have an idea … I want to show custom images due to the language setting, with tag expression [Lang_loc] in Color opacity. That works, but I want to show for unsupported languages with a default image. Eg unsupported language Spanish = image for English. But it can’t be displayed. Supported languages change perfectly. I hope you know what I mean.

sorry for my bad english

Hello, I would suggest to make the supported languages cover the unsupported one in background.
Problem is, if they have different shapes of opaque pixels in different languages, that may not cover the default one properly.

I have inserted pictures with the Tag 100 * ([lang_loc] == “de_DE”)) or 100 * (([lang_Loc] == “fr_FR”)) and so on. Opacity is set zero. I have added month and added the supported languages and set English as default. But I dont know what Tag I should use for the unsupported languages. Without Tag and opacity to 100 appears e.g. the picture for German and the unsupported language. If the opacity zero the image is not displayed for unsupported language.

I found a solution … Supported languages every single picture with the Tag e.g. 100 * ([LANG_LOC] == “de_DE”)), 100 * (([LANG_LOC] == “en_GB”) + ([LANG_LOC] == “en_US”)) etc and unsupported languages 100 *! ([lang_loc] == “en_GB”) + ([LANG_LOC] == “en_US”) + ([LANG_LOC] == “de_DE”)). This is how it works perfectly