Question related to language settings

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I have one question related to language settings.
Actually whether I set the font as a image or get it from actual font source,
I always set the ENG as a default language since my design is based on english.

But, If I want my watch face want to be look the same language (ENG) in other country language (let’s say China) should I also set the chinese as well?

What happens if I set only ENG as default languge and mobile language settings changes to eng → chinese?

by adding other languages in the settings, you allow the face to be “localized” for example the day in week or month names would be in that added language in case the user sets his device to this language.
If user chooses language that you did not add, the dafault one will be used.
So if you want your face always show english, just let the default there.

I moved this to the WFS forum if you are using GWS the answer will be the same but I’ll move it there because WFS has more localizations than time related language.

in case the user sets his device to this language.
In most cases the watch device is synced with the mobile and the language is determined by that device.

Remember localizations only are for Time and Date not the text you write.
And if you use bitmap fonts for a time or date and you localize they will not show if the bitmap mapping is for English and they are in China.

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