Font - language support - set up?

I think i get old. Where are the language setting for the used font or is that now fully dynamic?
Means, when my font don’t support Cyrillic letters but a Russian consumer check the weekdays he get automatically the default language which i set up in app store.

Or what? :thinking: :v:

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I think all languages are just supported? Unfortunately you cannot choose what languages to use like in GWS. But when changing language from English to for example German, the date will also be in German.

Ok. I checked it. When your font doesn’t support for example Cyrillic or Chinese Letters it will automatically replaced with a system font. :face_vomiting:

That means when you are using Text you have to be very careful about that behavior. Especially when your used font have an esthetic function inside your design!

Damn! I really did liked that functionality on GWD. :pensive:

Maybe there is a chance to get it back?

Hi, and what about when the text is too long to fit inside the box? Can we change that somewhere? Will it automatically fall back to English?

I don’t have the new watch to check whether the guide is true, maybe you can confirm that.

I guess the language setting only appears if you insert the text field as digital clock component or as a part of some complication automated texts.
What I do not understand, is why the languages are not in alphabetical order.

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It works just like GWS worked only for Digital Clocks. For text strings you have to use bitmap fonts setting a custom string, for localized languages.

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Damn. I thought there is no difference between text and digital clock text field :tired_face:. … Thx for the feedback :slightly_smiling_face::+1: