Custom weather icons

If you use a short text complication for weather. How do you make the different weather icons custom images and not default provided?

Is there a different way of doing it than with short complication?

As a designer you can not change the complications they are what the complications developer sets. All the icons, text and titles in Watch Face Studio are just exemplars so you can see the layout on.

If this is just for your own personal use then you can create a separate Icon and remove the ones in the complication.

So to do what you wish to do you’d need to use Android Studio and use the free but limited license for API or purchase a Weather API license from them or some other weather org and create your own complication.

Hopefully in the future Wear OS things will be different.


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I see… yeah they’re probably using Android studio which is beyond what I know. Thanks again

Adding a Weather API like we could do in Galaxy Watch Studio is a current feature request but it kind of goes against the common user experience that Wear OS wants.

Samsung Developer Relations