D-U-N-S Number rejected

Hi ! I’ve got this error -The industry specified in your D-U-N-S number does not match with the content that you already have registered in Galaxy Store. Now I’m in stand by since 01.06.2023!

I saw this before it was someone that used a German D&B partner ti generated the DUNS information. That D&B partner was meant for the Automotive Industry only. I would suggest you go and update your profile and be sure to mention in it that you are in the Software development industry.
If it is already there to a quick update or move it to the first line in the description, then wait a few days for it to migrate out. Then contact the Seller Portal support and ask them to look at your corporate application again.

Let me know if that doesn’t work.

Samsung Developer Relations

I provide description to review team (the company has various activities) then I resend D-U-N-S Number. My request is in Stand By from 5 business days. What to do now?

I’ll get more information from you via private message and look into this.


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