Date format

Is the option in WFS automatically set the date format to the region e.g. 06/10 for Europe and 10/06 USA?

I replied to this elsewhere.

Time format do not have locations or the calendar for locations that is the reason for all the different Week of Year and first day of week issues.

The best thing I can think of is to use the [IS_24H] tag as an indicator for the calendar type and use that like the 12 / 24 hour digital clocks.

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I will use it like digital clock with 12 / 24h in the timeline. In 12h format 10/07 is displayed and in 24h format 07/10.
With the [IS_24H] tag I do not know how

in the opacity setting you can’t do it in the text box
100+ [IS_24H] ? 0 : -100
100+ [IS_24H] ? -100 : 0

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What about using timezone offset like this:


US region timezone offset between -4 to -9

what about Hawaii and Alaska and Canada doesn’t officially use the American format


The Tag 100+ [IS_24H]? 0: -100
100+ [IS_24H]? -100: 0 I insert in opacity? I am a little confused now. :joy:

opacity setting
You have digital clocks (or text boxes) overlapping each other for the month day tags.
where it has color the next one over is 100% and that is opacity

it shows 100 + the tag return.

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Thanks Ron … I was a bit confused yesterday I had set the complete tag in the box … 100+ [IS_24H]? -100: 0 but it may only be [IS_24H]? -100: 0 :sweat_smile:

I used the 100+ because you could start out with zero and add 100. Sorry for any confusion.