Date synchronization with PC

When you first start Watch Face Studio, the date is set to 21.06.2021

Nice catch. It would be great if WFS displayed the current day / date from the computer. You can post this to feature requests topic.

In Galaxy Watch Studio date and time are always synchronous with the PC

Is there a reason to have the current date and not some default date/time other than aesthetics?


Hi Ron, yes, there are two (maybe more) benefits :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. When taking screenshots for Store visuals, you need to manually adjust it. Now it’s sitting on 21/6/2021 - last year.
    (Less work = better)

  2. As you wrote, aesthetics. It’s better to see current date here. Feels a bit actual.

The watch screen shot takes what ever it is set for in the Preview Window. If you use the current date it would appear old the day you release it. However if you set it ahead the for a year it in the preview windows will still look like a new or updated watch face next year. :slight_smile: Better marketing that way.

Still I will suggest this.

Samsung Developer Relations