Day and Night

Hello everyone!
How can I define an image to show in the day, and another image to show at night? According to sunrise and sunset.

Hi Bruno
Just use the timeline,
Select an image for the day something like 6.00am in the morning and ending at 6.00 in the evening
highlight it right click it and select show
then use the second image for the rest of the time left and use the same procedure it .
It should work

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Thanks for the answer, but is there an expression tag to show this after sunset? In some places it is still day after 6 pm

GWD does not provide option to sync any element to sunset/sunrise time. That time depends on latitude, longitude and day of the year. Openweathermap site maybe could provide it, but GWD does not have tool to utilize it.

What you are seeking is a location based on the time and image change connected to that.
Just not possible, even if it was possible with the tag expressions it would not work because of the variable changes in sunrise and sunset.(too many variables, location , time etc)
the location feature connected to image changes based on sunrise and sunset , just now is not possible