Day counter

good afternoon, need help
I want to place a tag on watchface. For example, the user specifies a date on the dial, and the days are counted from that moment.
Is this implemented in GWS?

I think that is not exactly possible, anyway I will do some tests and tell you

Hello, I do not know way how to do this in GWS.
If you are familiar with programming, then probably with tizen studio it would go.
It would for sure be possible with third party apps in their paid versions like facer pro or watchmaker premium. But those are not the topic here.

You can do this using Tizen Studio developer tools. But in Galaxy Watch Studio there is no way to remember things in memory. The only thing you can do is open a “Counter” app from a button. There are several free Galaxy Watch counter apps in the store.

I moved this to the Galaxy Watch Studio forum.

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